Back to School Yearly 78.000 people receive medical treatment as a direct result of a bicycle injury (that's just in the Netherlands). And did you know that most accidents occur in the first week that kids go back to school?

This means that on a daily basis, over 200 people are seriously hurt due to a bicycle accident and need medical attention. Bobike is strongly committed to the promotion of safe cycling and does not limit itself to the production of child safety seats. Did you know that Bobike also has an extensive collection of baby, toddler and children's helmets?
Fortunately we are seeing more and more children wearing bicycle helmets. When children are used to wearing a helmet at a young age, they don't give it a second thought when they get older. Our Bobike Exclusive seats feature a special helmet recess.
As many as a quarter of the victims of a bicycle accident suffer head injury. Something that can be easily prevented by wearing a helmet. Always replace a helmet after a fall, even when it has no visible damage.
Bobike offers two helmet models, the ONE and the Exclusive and both models are available in two sizes and in multiple colours or prints. Please follow the links below for more information.

Maximum safety doublewalled design

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Dutch design and made in Europe

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