Gold for Bobike ONE Baby Product of the Year

11 January 2016 the organization Baby Product of the Year – a major online platform on baby products – announced the winners of the Baby Product of the Year 2015 election. The results are based on grades given by test parents and visitors of the website. We are proud to announce that the first prize went to the Bobike ONE mini bicycle safety seat and matching windscreen.

GOLD for the Bobike ONE mini bicycle safety seat
Parents describe the safety seat as beautifully designed and strong, functional and sturdy, easy to install, easy to adjust footrests, good click-closure of the 3-point safety belt, soft water resistant seat.
About the Bobike ONE
The Bobike ONE was introduced in spring 2015 and was recognized with the GIO Award for good industrial design in October 2015. The Bobike ONE is a completely new bicycle safety seat with a sleek, modern, Dutch design. The double-walled, body-wrapping design and the colourfast material also make it a very durable and extra safe seat.
Instead of a cushion, the Bobike ONE features a comfortable, shock-absorbing seat of water-repellent EVA material. The shoulder straps are soft and colourful and the footrests are easy to adjust without the use of any tools. The rear seat offers our Click & Go mounting system for quick installation and to easily place the seat on a different bike.
Obviously the Bobike ONE meets all applicable safety standards for safety seats. And the Bobike ONE is available in a mini version (€ 64,99) for placement on the front of the bike and in a maxi version for placement on the back of the bike. Both versions come in seven fashionable colors. Choose ONE. Visit for more information.

About the election
Every year, Baby Product of the Year examines which product is the best Baby Product of that year. They do not decide that themselves nor is there any interference of a jury or an editorial office. The platform believes that only parents with their child(ren) can make that descision. Every product that enters the competition is tested by at least 5 different sets of parents (families), in their own environment, during a time period of at least 4 weeks.

The opinion of the test parents with the corresponding grades in areas such as quality, ease of use, durability, price and overall rating are posted on the website of Baby Product of the Year by the test parents themselves. Based on the figures of the test parents and a weighted assessment of visitors to the website, the winners will be announced at the beginning of the new year. Visit for more information.

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