Bobike introduces Exclusive Plus Exclusive protection and style

We have given the Exclusive line a make-over so that this international bestseller complies even better to the wishes and requirements of its fans and is more user-friendly.
The Exclusive line is the top of our range and is specifically designed for parents who like to explore the outdoors with their children and who are looking for optimal protection, safety and ease of use.
In terms of safety, the Exclusive Plus has been upgraded with a luxurious and user-friendly five-point safety belt and LED lighting on the rear seats to ensure better visibility in traffic. In terms of design and ease of use, the bicycle seats have been given a new back plate with a chic, embossed logo, the material of the footrests has been improved and the frame fixation has been renewed, making the seat easier and quicker to mount but also ensuring a lower, and therefor more stable, position on the bicycle.

We believe in a sustainable planet and in creating lasting added value. Which is why we recycle the majority of our waste material and the new Exclusive Plus series is provided with a more environmentally friendly packaging without plastic.
Colors and availability
The Exclusive Plus is available as a front seat for children up to 15 kg, as a rear seat for children up to 22 kg and as a Tour, also for children up to 22 kg. All models are available in six stylish color combinations and matching windscreens and helmets are available.

Maximum safety doublewalled design

Best tested by the Dutch consumers union

Dutch design and made in Europe