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Our love for fashion does not make us superficial. On the contrary, we care about a lot of things. The environment being on top of that list. Did you know that the livelihood of bees is endangered? Bees play a crucial role in agriculture everywhere and represent an irreplaceable link in food production. Bees help produce more than 30 percent of the world’s food.
Unfortunately, many industrial agricultural practices endanger the livelihood of these pollinators. The rise of large-scale monoculture crops (including maize, wheat, and rice) can decrease agricultural biodiversity worldwide. Additionally, the use of pesticides and insecticides can kill individual bees and colonies.*
Alarmed by this news and inspired by the color of our new Bobike ONE in mighty mustard, we decided to donate a part of the proceedings of every mighty mustard seat sold, to an organization that helps preserve bees.**

But you can help as well! Create a little bee-heaven in your garden by planting blooming flowers and plants. Eat organic and locally produced food whenever possible. Use natural pesticides and spread the buzz on bees.
*Facts and figures by
**Organizations may differ by location

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