Explore the world safely It is so fun (and healthy) to explore the world by bike. To experience adventures with your child, feel the wind blow through your hair and feel the sun on your face. Your baby safe between your arms in a Bobike bicycle safety seat.

Dutch Design, Made in Europe
Bobike has been developing, designing and producing safety seats since 1978. There is a reasonable chance that you yourself also sat in a Bobike seat when you were little. Bobike's bicycle safety seats are designed in the Netherlands, produced in Europe and can be recognized by their stylish, modern look that matches perfectly with the current bicycle trends. Bobike's safety seats have already won several awards, including an IF Design Award for the Bobike Exclusive.

Obsessed with safety
At Bobike, we live and breathe safety. It might not be the coolest thing to do, but you’ll appreciate us for it. Quality control, performance analysis and safety tests are the most important parts of product development. Of course, we comply with all legal requirements and meet the highest industry standards, but we don’t stop there. We have built our own modern quality control center with all the technology required to ensure that our products comply with the standards imposed by regulatory bodies. But when we test, we double the standard. It’s how we roll.

Planet Earth
We believe in a sustainable planet and in creating lasting added value. We cannot do this without considering the social and environmental effects of what we do. Which is why we recycle the majority of our waste material. Recycled materials can then be used to produce mudguards, for example. All packaging that is used inside our factories is recycled as well.

"We are all responsible for protecting our planet," explains Marlous de Wit-Williamson, Marketing Manager for Bobike in the Benelux. "At Bobike we take that responsibility very serious. We make products meant for outdoor use. We want people to enjoy nature and get active. Sustainability and recycling are therefore high on our list of priorities. If everyone contributes, we can hopefully enjoy the world around us for a long time."

Models, colors and mounting systems
Bobike offers various models of safety seats for various use and for different age classes. Or actually weight classes because the weight is always leading when it comes to safety seats. There are front seats for children up to 15 kg in the models GO, ONE and Exclusive. There are rear seats for children up to 22 kg in the models GO, ONE and Exclusive. For children that are a bit older and are perfectly fine sitting on the back of a bicycle by themselves, Bobike offers the Classic Junior seat to provide them with just a bit of extra support.

Curious which safety seat and which mounting system best suits your needs and your bike? Have a look at the front seats for children up to 15 kg or at the rear seats for children up to 22 kg.

Bobike. Simply Safe.