EASY clamps For wider and special shaped carriers

Exchange the clamps of your EASY mount plate with these clamps for special carriers and safely mount a Bobike ONE or Exclusive maxi on carriers with a width between 125-180 mm and with round or oval tubes with a diameter between 16-23 mm.

The clamps are sold in a set of 4 pieces and include clear instructions.

Ref. 8015300200 EASY mount
The Bobike ONE and Exclusive safety seats with carrier mount are delivered with the EASY mounting system. Bobike’s EASY mounting system ensures super quick installation and makes it a breeze to place the seat on a different bike. The EASY mounting system fits on carriers with a width of 120 - 175mm and a tube diameter between 10-16mm (round tubes only) and was especially designed to fit on both e-bikes and regular bicycles. The EASY mounting system complies with the EN 14344 safety standards.

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