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Blue Monday; Beat the winter blues
10 Tips & trics to help you beat the winter blues.
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Bobike closed for the Holidays

Please note that Bobike is closed for the Christmas holidays from 23 December upto and including 6 January 2016.
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Bobike ONE wins GIO Award
The new Bobike ONE mini and maxi were awarded the GIO Award 2015 for Good Industrial Design.
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Bobike Exclusive Tour awarded at Kielce Bike-Expo
Targi Kielce Distinctions went to BOBIKE EXCLUSIVE TOUR bicycle seat  presented to  PHU ANGRE Grzegorz Małecki – Poznan.
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Bobike launches the completely new ONE
You love the city. Just like the Bobike ONE.

You maneuver through the busy city life with ease. Surprising twists, obstacles and new opportunities come your way. It does not scare you. The city gives you energy. Who says the city is no place for children? You prove them wrong. The Bobike ONE lets you and your child(ren) explore the city by bike in a safe and unique way. On to the next urban adventure!
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