Bobike Trailer
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Bobike Trailer multifunctional bicycle trailer & stroller for 1 or 2 kids

The Bobike Trailer is a multifunctional bicycle trailer that can be used as a bicycle trailer or a stroller. To use it as a trailer just connect it to the bicycle wheel with the provided mounting system. Bobike Trailer can comfortably carry one or two children inside (max. 44 kg). The head protection, the net, the soft cushion, and 5-point safety harness system will keep children comfortable and safe during the ride. Easily go for a walk with your children in the Stroller mode. You just need to retract the front metallic bar, adjust the handlebar, and install the front wheel. In just a few seconds, without needing any tools you’re ready to go. It can also be used as cargo transport to carry your sports equipment or shopping bags (max. 25 kg).

4 high visibility reflective features on the front and sides.
Reflective stripes all around the trailer.
20’’ wheels with a reflective line.
Safety flag included for better visibility on the road.
Top screen to keep an eye on the kids
Adjustable 5-point harness system for carrying comfortably 1 or 2 kids.
Integrated parking brake.
Safety wrist strap for strolling.

Water-resistant fabric.
2 layers on the front - rain cover and protection mesh against insects.
Panoramic view from the inside with large side and front screens providing a good experience for the child.
Ergonomic design for helmet use - mandatory for the biking version.
Vented top window for better airflow.
Elastic strap to store front cover layers when not in use.
Comfortable and washable interior with soft padding.
Removable rubber floor - easy to clean.
Incorporated suspension adjustable in 2 modes (softer/harder) to make the ride smoother.
Adjustable soft-touch handlebar in 4 positions for stroller mode.
Easy trailer/stroller and kids/cargo conversion without the need for tools.

other features
Easily foldable for storage or transportation.
Compatible with 9mm quick-release wheels and solid axles (up to 10mm).
Stroller - easy to convert into cargo trailer.
Extra Luggage compartment in the back.
3 inside pockets - 2 on front and 1 on the back.
According to EN 15918 and EN 1888.

product measurements
1090 x 1570 x 810 mm
41,91 x 61,81 x 31,89"

product weight
16 kg / 35 lb (incl. mounting materials)

suitable for children upto 105 cm / 41,33"
suitable for children ages 9 months till 6 years
Article code & EAN:
8616000001 - 5604415107955

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