We understand your fears. For nine months your baby was safe and sound, protected by your body. And suddenly you are a parent. Your world will never be the same. Of course, you are overwhelmed by the amount of love this little person brings into your life, but from this point on, your number one priority is to keep this baby safe, and that is a lot to handle.

Bobike has a fast collection of products to support safely cycling commuting adventures safely in style and introduce your children to a happy and healthy lifestyle in a fun and playful manner.

Believe it or not, your life continues. Nothing beats exploring the world on your bicycle and going on adventures together. Feeling the wind blow through your hair and enjoying the sunshine on your face.

All this with your baby safe in between your arms Safe and sound on a Bobike Bicycle Safety Seat.


We move through life by bike.

We use our bikes to drop off the kids at school, ride to work, meet up with friends, go out for dinner or drinks, or exercise. And when you use a product that often, we believe it should look darn good. That’s why the Bobike collection is continuously updated. Our designers have a passion for fashion and interior design. They closely follow trends to ensure our safety seats perfectly match the bikes currently in the market. This translates in the colors we use, and, in the details, you find in our safety seats which makes them unmistakably Bobike.

Bobike® Values

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Double Safety

Bobike seats offer double-walled construction for enhanced safety and comfort. The outer wall is softer against the child's back, while the inner wall is rigid, creating a protective gap in case of impact. Rigorous testing in our Bobike Test Centre ensures maximum safety, surpassing international standards.

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Dutch Design

Designed in the Netherlands, produced in Europe at Portugal, and can be recognized for their stylish, modern, and colorfull look. Bobike’ s safety seats are in the market for more than 38 years and have won several awards, including a Stiftung Warentest, and recently the EQTM (European Quality Trademark) recognition.

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We Care

We care about creating a more sustainable world, and we know that every action counts. We're renewing our entire brand packaging to be more efficient. We also have supporting bee preservation efforts with our One® bee friend campaign. Plus, we're incorporating recycled materials and bio-based materials into our products.

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