Frequently asked questions

Where should I go to purchase parts and accessories like cushions, a seatbelt or footrests?
Accessories like mounting sets for the Bobike Classic mini, maxi and junior, the Bobike Exclusive mini and maxi and the Bobike ONE mini and maxi can be purchased through your local Bobike dealer. Same goes for cushions, seatbelts, footrests, etc. Click here (link naar dealer locator) for a local Bobike dealer.

Do the Bobike Safety Seats comply with the safety regulations?
At Bobike, safety comes first. All of our seats, the ONE, the Classic, the Exclusive and the Tour comply with European safety standard EN 14344 and they are TUV approved. Moreover, our double-walled design makes our seats extra safe.

Help, I am missing a button for my Bobike Exclusive inlay!
Good news! You are not missing anything. We leave a little hole open in the seat so that rain water can get out.

I cannot mount the seat. What should I do?
When you are having trouble mounting your Bobike safety seat, please visit your local Bobike dealer. They are professionals and have what it takes to give you the best service possible.

I have a Bobike Classic maxi seat and I want to replace the safety belt. How do I do that?
Have a look at these short instructions and you will replace the safety belt in a flash.

Where can I get documentation on Bobike?
You find all information regarding our products on our website. If you want to browse through our catalogues, please visit us on Issuu . If you have any questions left, please contact your local Bobike dealer. Click here to find a dealer near you.

Which mounting set do I need?
Your Bobike safety seat comes with the mounting accessories included. Let your Bobike dealer advice you on the best mounting solution for your bike before you purchase. Click here for a dealer near you.

Do I have warranty on a secondhand Bobike safety seat?
No, there is no warranty on a secondhand Bobike safety seat. Also, we cannot guarantee the quality and safety of the bicycle seat.

When is my child allowed in a Bobike safety seat?
From the moment your child can sit unaided, it can come with you on the bike. On average, this is at about 9 months. For the little ones we have several front mounted seats that are suitable for children up to 3 years of age or weighing less than 15 kg (legal regulations). Children under 6 years of age or weighing less than 22 kg can safely take place in one of Bobike’s rear mounted seats. And when they have grown out of the rear seat, they can still safely take place on a Bobike Junior which can carry up to 35 kg.

Can I protect my Bobike safety seat from the weather?
Rain covers are available for most Bobike seats. They keep your Bobike seat dry and protected.

Is there a 3-point belt for the Bobike Junior available?
For the Bobike Junior there is no longer a 3-point belt available. It has been replaced by the lap belt for safety reasons. The lap belt prevents your child from standing up, because the belt goes over the upper legs of your child.

Do Bobike seats fit on an e-bike?
There is a Bobike safety seat for almost any bike, including electric bikes, speed pedelecs or electric assisted bikes. But there will always be exceptions. Visit your local Bobike dealer for expert advice on the most suitable safety seat for your bike and the best mounting option for your bike. And last but not least, your dealer will profesionally mount the Bobike seat for you.

How does the belt system of the Bobike Exclusive series and the Tour work?
The belt clips are marked with a R (right) and a L (left). Insert the seat belt straight in the opening so that the clip comes up and the belt is secured.

My Bobike safety seat is broken. What should I do?
A Bobike seat is a safety product. Do not take any chances and visit your Bobike dealer as soon as possible. Take your Bobike seat and the proof of purchase with you to your dealer. He has the expertise to competently assess the seat and can determine whether a part can be replaced or if a different solution is necessary.

How do I set the code of my Bobike maxi lock?
The original code is 000. Open the lock by pressing the sides. Push in the pin at the bottom and hold it while you're setting the new code. Release and close the lock. The new code is now set and the lock is ready to use. Need a visual? Please click here for a clear and simple manual or click here for a short instruction video.

How do I remove the cushion from my Bobike Exclusive seat?
The cushion in a Bobike Exclusive seat is attached with a push button. Hold your thumb on the push button and put the rest of your hand behind the cushion and firmly pull the cushion out.

What is Click & Go and does it fit on my carrier?
Please take a look at this short clip and discover what Click & Go mounting is and what the carrier requirements are.

How do I replace the batteries in the LED light of my Bobike Exclusive Tour?
Watch this quick YouTube clip. It'll show you all you need to know.

Why do you refer me to the Bobike dealer?
Bobike products are sold exclusively through selected dealers. Your Bobike dealer has the expertise to provide you with the services and expertise that you need. They know which Bobike safety seat fits best on your bike and they can professionally install it.

At Bobike we want you out and about, riding your bike with your child completely carefree. We obviously do not know what hurdles you encounter along the way, but one thing we know for sure and that is that you can trust the quality of Bobike. If, despite our best efforts and extensive quality testing, you encounter a problem with your Bobike product, visit your Bobike dealer for help. Do not forget the bring the affected product and the original sales receipt. It is the quickest way for you and your child to get back on the bike safe and sound!

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