12MM Universal Thru Axle Trailer Accessory

MSRP: 89.90

12MM Universal Thru Axle Trailer Accessory

MSRP: 89.90

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Bobike Univeral Thru Axle accessory is designed to enhance the versatility of your Bobike bicycle trailer. With this attachment, you can seamlessly connect your trailer to a wider range of bicycles equipped with a 12 mm rear axle. While our standard trailer is compatible with 9mm quick-release wheels and solid axles (up to 10mm), this new accessory significantly broadens your bicycle compatibility options.

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This Bobike axle boasts universality, featuring four distinct spacers and three different threads.
It’s a straightforward process to identify the perfect combination to match your bike’s frame securely and efficiently.

  • Universal Thru-Axle  – Component that will connect the elements
  • Screw – Holds the thread inside the thru-axle
  • 4 Spacers – The correct axle width for the bike in question.
  • 3 Threads – Choose the appropriate thread for the bike frame (the thread must be the same as the thread of the original bike axle).


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