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One Junior The supporting seat for children ages 6 to 10 years.

      The new One junior seat brings the sturdiness and practicality that your child needs to cruise along with you.

      The One junior offers support to children drom 6 to 10 years of age, upto 35 kg, that are old enough to sit independently on the back of your bike but cannot quite cover longer distances by themselves, or that still enjoy riding along with their parents. 

      The One® Junior features a modern and elegant and sturdy design that will easily match any bicycle equipped with a luggage carrier that can hold loads up to 38 kg. The back support is foldable – which is a unique feature ideal for storage purposes, or for those commuters who need versatility and space to transport other items since you can still use your original rack rubber bands. 

      Besides its ergonomic shape, the back also features a rear safety reflector for enhanced road visibility. The safety lap belt keeps them from standing up, this feature along with a super-tight grip provided by the rubbery cushion will provide the kid the maximum comfort and stability for a safer ride. 

      The One® Junior comes standard with wheel protection and retractable footrests to prevent the feet to be in contact with the spokes. Easily mounted on oval and round forks (Ø17 to 21 mm) at the correct height according to the size of the child.

      How to choose and safely use a seat
      Video One Junior
      Retractable footrests and wheel protectors - included with the seat. 
      The footrests offer ergonomic support for the child. 
      The hip belt prevents children from standing up. 
      Rear safety reflector for increased visibility. 
      Extra frame security belt. 

      An ergonomic foldable back support 
      Adjustable lap belt. 
      Comfortable, waterproof, grip promotor, soft and shock-absorbing thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) cushion. 

      Other features
      Slim & foldable design (space saver). 
      Follows the ONE range style. 
      Dutch Design & Made in Europe. 
      This product is sold in an individual sustainable box featuring a second life.

      Available in 2 colors
      Black/Dark Brown 8010600001
      Black/Black 8010600002

      Product dimensions: 310 x 250x 360 mm or 12.2 x 9.84 x 14.17"
      Product weight: 1800 gr / 3.96 lb (mounting kit included).

      The Bobike One Junior is a bicycle safety seat that can be mounted on the back of your bike and is suitable for children with a minium height of 110 cm. The Bobike One Junior can be easily mounted to the carrier of your bicycle. The attachment fits carriers that are 120 - 175 mm (4.72 - 6.89") wide and that can carry upto 38 kg. The outer tubes must be round and have a diameter between 10 - 16 mm (0.39 - 0.63"). Suitable for e-bikes till max. 25 km/h.

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