Bobike celebrates summer

Published in: 14 March 2023

Two new colors for the Bobike One®

The wildly popular Bobike One® collection gets expanded with an olive green and a teal blue safety seat in May 2017.

The Bobike One® was launched in 7 colors in 2015 as a long-awaited successor to the iconic Bobike Classic.

Fans of the Bobike One® can indulge themselves this spring with the addition of two tempting new colors. The fierce olive green complements the current bike trends and is popular with both men and women. The fresh, summery teal blue is an upbeat, energetic color that is easy to combine. Both new colors complement the Bobike ONE collection perfectly.

Developing new colors

A small creative team has been focused on the development of these new colors since the introduction of the Bobike One®. By closely observing the market and following trends in the bicycle-, fashion-, and baby- an industry we came to the addition of Olive Green and Bahama Blue for 2017.

As is to be expected of Bobike, the collection will be completed with matching helmets and windscreens. The safety seats and matching accessories in the new colors are expected to be available in May. The helmets are expected to be available from mid-June.