Bobike One® Eco

Published in: 14 March 2023

The entire Bobike one range became greener!

Bobike One® Eco: the best compromise between your child’s safety and the protection of the environment.

Currently, some non-structural products contain already 100% recyclable material. But with the goal to make all the range more sustainable we’ve redefined our production processes to make the One® the first sustainable seat in the range.

Through recycling technology, we were able to transform bicycle seat parts that are rejected in the mass production process into new recycled material and incorporate it into the production of new seats in non-structural components.

Bobike One® Eco: Safety + Sustainability

At Bobike we always keep in mind, Safety first! Thus, this new product came with new features, but without compromising safety and keeping the same standards: all Bobike one® colored back covers and footrests are now made from 100% recycled material and are 100% recyclable.

The Bobike One® Eco model incorporates 30% of white recycled material in the exterior shell, creating a unique seat, which gives it that unique marbled look, and makes each Bobike Eco unique and different. You will not find two equal Eco Seats.

The full production process was also revised to make it more ecological and therefore reduce the CO₂ emissions during the One® production.  Component by component, step by step we are moving towards a more sustainable future. The best compromise achieved between sustainability and safety!
Our commitment to Planet Earth is to combine sustainability with technology to increase the amount of recycled material, always ensuring safety.

Becoming a 100% sustainable brand

Step by step we are making efforts to transform Bobike into a 100% sustainable brand.

We are renewing the entire brand packaging, making it even more sustainable and efficient by reducing and when possible, discarding the disposable materials (adhesive tape, single-use plastics, cardboard…).

We’ve started in the One® range by removing an average of 250g disposable items per seat. Seems like nothing, but if you do the math, in 1000 seats we saved 250kg of disposable materials.

Bobike packaging is 100% recyclable and reusable, so we are encouraging our customers to give Bobike packaging a second life. Bobike is using certified paper of sustainable origin (FSC®) and reducing printable areas by using less ink.

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