We take safety seriously

Published in: 14 March 2023

We tell you as often as possible that our bicycle safety seats are made out of double-walled sturdy plastic and that that makes our seats extra safe. But until you’ve experienced for yourself how a Bobike seat can protect your baby, it’s just a story.

Double the wall, double the safety

For Mariska the story became reality. She recently landed in a ditch with her bicycle. At the time of the accident, she transported her youngest daughter in a Bobike Exclusive front seat. Before they ended up in the water, they also hit a fence on the side of the ditch.

“The sturdy Bobike seat saved my daughter. The seat protected me from the fence which drilled through outer part of the seat but never touched my daughter. The belts kept her in her seat instead of launching her and because of the easy release system at the top, I could quickly get my daughter out of the seat and push her onto dry land. I am so grateful!”

Of course, Mariska and her daughter got a big scare out of the whole ordeal as did we when she told us her story but we are grateful that Mariska responded so adequately and that the Bobike seat lived up to its expectations.

Bobike bicycle safety seats are designed to transport your most precious cargo (and an occasional office bag).

We take safety seriously.