Bobike helps create protective visors for healthcare professionals

Published in: 14 March 2023

Just like in the rest of the world, Portugal is currently in a worrying situation where there are serious shortages of protective materials for healthcare professionals. This lack of protection for the people who are in dire need of it now was the starting point of this solidarity partnership to help produce protective visors for healthcare professionals.

The idea came about through an appeal on social media and through the collaboration with partners such as Miguel Fernandez Gomes who, with his company Clenporte, produces the support part of the visors and monitors the assembly and distribution of the visors.

Fast response against de pandemic

Polisport Group (of which Bobike is part of) was keen to do something to contribute to the fight against Corona and their Innovations Department has rapidly developed a prototype visor made out of the transparent PVC that is normally used for the production of bicycle helmets. The medical visors are rounded and improved to ensure the best protection for the healthcare professionals.

The production of medical visors is completely voluntary for the sole purpose of providing the safest working conditions for healthcare professionals. We hope that these protective materials reach the widest possible number of care units.

If you know of a healthcare department or healthcare provider in Portugal who needs this type of protective material, please contact Miguel Fernandez Gomes. He will follow up on the request as soon as possible.

With this extraordinary partnership, the Polisport Group joins the fight against the Coronavirus and provides the portuguese healthcare professionals with the necessary equipment to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click here for a short video.