Sleep Roll for Exclusive® Mini Plus

MSRP: 24.90

Sleep Roll for Exclusive® Mini Plus

MSRP: 24.90

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Bobike introduces the new sleep roll, made with 50% of Sugar Cane,  to use along with your Exclusive front mini seat – a must-have for families that go on longer rides or have small children, that easily fall asleep during a bicycle ride. 

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  • Sugar Cane 
  • The Bobike Sleep Roll is produced using 50% sugarcane – a renewable bio-based material. 
  • Sugarcane – a bio-based material – is the primary source of sugar in the world and is also important in the production of renewable energy and bio-based materials. It captures and fixes CO2 from the atmosphere at each annual growth cycle.  
  • The rains naturally irrigate sugarcane cultivation in the producing regions and measures are implemented to ensure that its cultivation does not threaten the main areas of biodiversity.
  • The Sleep Roll features a soft touch, ideal for your baby to rest his head, and is easy to clean.  
  • The Sleep role colors match all safety seat colors and the current bicycle trends.  
  • The sleep roll fits directly on the handlebar of your Exclusive mini seat.  

Additional information

Weight 0.206 kg
Dimensions 10 × 26.4 × 10.9 cm

Chocolate Brown, Cosy Cream


We take safety seriously 

Check here for our detailed Specific Instructions for use and Warnings for the Sleep Role. 

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