Sleep Roll for Go® and One® Mini

MSRP: 29.90

Sleep Roll for Go® and One® Mini

MSRP: 29.90

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Is your little one nodding off during bike rides? Bobike has just launched the perfect solution: the Sleep Roll, made with 50% Sugar Cane, designed to be used with our One Mini front seat.  

This accessory is a must-have for families who enjoy long bike rides or have young children who tend to doze off during the journey. Give your child the comfort and support they need with the Bobike Sleep Roll.

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We use 50% sugarcane to make our Sleep Roll, which is a renewable bio-based material. Not only is sugarcane the main source of sugar in the world, but it’s also crucial for producing renewable energy and bio-based materials. Plus, it helps capture and fix CO2 from the atmosphere during each annual growth cycle. 

You’ll love the soft-touch material of the Sleep Roll, which provides the perfect place for your little one to rest their head during bike rides. And when it gets dirty, cleaning it is a breeze! 

With a color that matches all safety seat colors as well as the latest bike trends, the Sleep Roll is sure to look great on your bike. 

The handlebar fits in between your One or Go mini seat and the mount. 

Your child will be cozy and comfortable in no time! 

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Weight 0.459 kg
Dimensions 10 × 26.4 × 27 cm

Chocolate Brown, Cosy Cream

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