Go® Mini

MSRP: 62.90

Go® Mini

MSRP: 62.90

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Bobike GO Mini is a safety bike seat that can be mounted on the standard front head tube of your bike and is suitable for children from approximately 9 months to 3 years of age and has a maximum weight of 15 kg.

Let your baby observe the world safe and sound on a double-walled seat.

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  • Fits standard head tubes Ø 22-32mm and MTB bike steering tubes: 1-1/8” 
  • The minimum Seat Tube Length required: is 35 mm. 
  • An A-head adapter bracket for a-head/threadless is available and it only requires 4mm space available.


  • DOUBLE-WALLED DESIGN – Bobike Exclusive Feature – 2 sturdy walls keep your baby extra safe. 
  • Childproof safety buckle. 
  • Meets EN14344:2022, TÜV, and GS MARK safety standards. 


  • Adjustable footrests in 5 positions, no tools needed.  
  • Adjustable seatbelt in 3 points.  
  • The childproof safety buckle is designed to enable quick, single-handed adjustments so that you can always leave one hand on the bike for stability and safety. The same for the feet protection – straps and height adjustment.   


  • Waterproof, comfortable, and removable cushion for easy cleaning, and replacement.  
  • Protect your little baby against wind, rain, and insects with a matching windshield 
  • Acquiring a second bracket allows you to easily transfer the seat between bikes. 
  • Compact – providing enough space for the parent to cycle and step down between the saddle and the front seat.

Additional information

Weight 2.89 kg
Dimensions 26 × 38 × 63 cm

Black, Cotton Candy Pink, Lemon Sorbet, Macaron Grey, Marshmallow Mint, Peppermint, Vanilla Cup Cake


9 Months – 3 Years


Up to 93cm




Up to 15Kg

Mounting System

Front Head Tube

All Features

The GO mini is a trendy bicycle safety seat in pastel colors for the front of the bike – on the headtube.

The GO is our newest and very international addition to the range.

Now people all over the world can enjoy the sleek and stylish Dutch design. The double-walled material and body-wrapping design make the seat extra safe in countries where bicycle paths and culture are not the standards.



  • Universal mount is designed to fit threaded headsets. 
  • This bracket fits standard steering tubes Ø 22-32mm and MTB bikes steering tubes: 1-1/8”. 
  • An A-Head adapter is available for mounting the seat on a bicycle equipped with an A-headset. 
  • Tube Shape: Round or Oval 
  • Minimum Seat Tube Length required: 35 mm /1,38 in 
  • Acquiring a second bracket allows you to easily transfer the seat between bikes. 


  • A double-walled construction consists of two sturdy walls: The outer wall, which is in contact with the child’s back, is slightly softer to ensure a comfortable ride. The inner wall is more sturdy and rigid and is designed to create a void between the two walls and therefore the child. If the seat gets impacted, it won’t touch the child.
  • We Double the Standard: To ensure your child’s safety, the seat has been rigorously tested in the Bobike Test Centre as well as in real-world conditions. Besides that, we always double the international safety standards, to assure that not only the Bobike seat is safe to use, but that it´s double-safe to use. 


  • The Bobike Go has a three-point harness that goes over the child’s head before it buckles into the seat. The shoulder straps can be adjusted at three different points.   


  • Footrests keep your child’s feet safely tucked away. Adjustable footrests in 5 positions, no tools needed.
  • The help keep the feet in place, there are rubber foot straps that easily fold over the child’s foot and then hook into place.  


  • Sleek, compact, and with an ergonomic shape – the seat and the footrests were designed for a perfect fit – the efficient construction reduces bulk promoting enough room to ride comfortably and maneuver and dismount with ease. 


  • Compatible with EPAC/ Speed pedelecs and E-bikes but only up to max.25km/h  
  • Designed in Holland  and Produced in Portugal 
  • Awards – EQTM European Quality Trademark


Having doubts about whether your kid fits the seat, or the seat fits your bicycle? Check here the full compatibility chart resume.

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