Combination Lock

MSRP: 8.598.99

Combination Lock

MSRP: 8.598.99

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Enhance the security of your Bobike seat, preventing it from being stolen when left unattended on the street, with this combination lock.


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The combination lock is simple to set up and can be threaded through the small hole in your Bobike Go®, One®, and Exclusive® bike seat.

It comes originally in Bobike One Maxi Bobike Exclusive Maxi Plus, and Bobike Exclusive Tour Plus.

This accessory is highly recommended if you have reservations about leaving your seat unattended in public.

There is a Combination Lock Available for the Front and Rear Bobike Bike Seats

Maxi Combination Lock length – 85 cm.
Mini Combination Lock length –  20 cm.

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