One® Eco Maxi EB-D

MSRP: 99.90

One® Eco Maxi EB-D

MSRP: 99.90

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Bobike One® Eco Maxi range features non-structural parts with 30% recycled materials. 

Perfectly fitting a wide range of pannier racks, you will find the Bobike One® Maxi extremely safe and top-notch in durability due to its double-walled design. For little babies (9 months) up to older or taller toddlers’ pre-schoolers (6 years)  with a maximum weight of 22kg.

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  • We’ve used recycling technology to take bicycle seat parts that are usually rejected during mass production and transform them into new recycled material. We’ve then incorporated this material into the non-structural components of our new seats!


  • The clamps for the seat mounting system can attach to your luggage bicycle rack 
  • Just make sure the rack is between 120-175 mm wide and the tubes are round and oval and Ø 10-16 mm.
  • If your rack was wider tubes, or another shape other than oval you can also look for this spare.


  •  Allows for tool-free, quick seat attachment and removal from the mounting hardware, making it perfect for commuting without leaving your seat unattended on the street.


  • DOUBLE-WALLED DESIGN – Bobike Exclusive Feature – 2 sturdy walls keep your baby extra safe. 
  • Your purchase comes with a safety combination lock.
  • Childproof safety buckle included for added safety. 
  • Integrated rear reflector. 
  • Extra security frame belt. 
  • Large foot guard, preventing contact with the wheel. 
  • Meets EN14344, TÜV, and GS MARK safety standards. 


  • The footrests are adjustable in 12 different positions, and no tools are required for the adjustment.  
  • The seatbelt is also adjustable and has 3 points. 
  • The childproof safety buckle is designed to enable quick, single-handed adjustments.


    • Design Compatible with a helmet – Allows the child’s head to sit comfortably without being pushed forward. 
    • The cushion is made of water-repellent material that is both comfortable and easy to wash. 

Additional information

Weight 2.95 kg
Dimensions 76 × 40 × 38 cm

9 Months- 6 Years


One® Eco




Up to 110cm


Up to 22Kg

Mounting System

Bike Rack

All Features

 Surprising twists, obstacles, and new opportunities come your way. It does not scare you. The Bobike One® Eco lets you and your child(ren) explore the city by bike in a safe and unique way. 


  • We’re really excited about our Bobike One® Eco seat because we’ve found a way to recycle rejected bicycle seat parts and turn them into brand-new, recycled material. 
  • All Bobike One® colored back covers and footrests are now made from 100% recycled material and are 100% recyclable.    
  • The Bobike One® eco model incorporates 30% white recycled material in the exterior shell, creating a unique seat, which gives it that unique marbled look and makes each Bobike Eco unique and different. You will not find two equal Eco Seats. 


  • The clamps of the seat mounting system attach to the luggage bicycle rack. 
  • Luggage Rack width – 120 – 175 mm  
  • Luggage rack oval/round tube dimensions – Ø 10 – 16 mm 
  • If your rack was wider tubes, or another shape other than oval you can also look for this spare.
  • After the E-BD is attached to the carrier, the seat quickly and easily snaps into place, due to the EASY Mount system. 
  • This easy-mount system is great for storing your seat quickly. It’s tool-free and lets you remove and attach the seat in seconds, leaving the mounting hardware parts on the rack.
  • Compatible carrier load capacity minimum 27 kg, in accordance with ISO 11243:2016.
  • Rack not included.


  • If you also want to use it on the rack then you just need to ask for an E-BD mounting system as a spare part, and you can easily switch the seat between bicycles with no tools thanks to the easy system.
  • If you have a second bicycle, but you need to use it on the frame, you just order this set and with the hardware that you already have, you will be able to easily move the seat to your other bicycle, with no tools, and in a couple of seconds.


  • Let us tell you about our Double Safety feature! It’s cool because it has two sturdy walls. The outer wall that touches your child’s back is nice and soft for a comfortable ride. Meanwhile, the inner wall is rigid and strong, creating a space between your child and any impact. So, if anything were to happen, your child would be completely safe and sound! 
  • We take safety very seriously here at Bobike, which is why we test our seats thoroughly in both our Bobike Test Centre and in real-world conditions. We go above and beyond the international safety standards to ensure that not only is our seat safe, but it’s double-safe for your peace of mind. 


  • The Bobike One has a three-point harness that goes over the child’s head before it buckles into the seat. The shoulder straps can be adjusted in three different spots.  To adjust, you simply lift the lever up and push or pull the tray to the correct height.  


  • Footrests provide a secure space for your child’s feet. To adjust, lift the lever and move the tray up or down until it reaches the desired height. 
  • Additionally, rubber foot straps are included to keep your child’s feet in place. These straps easily fold over the child’s foot and then lock into place for added security.


  • The seat is meant for use solely at maximum speeds of 25 km/h on EPACs, e-bikes, or speed pedelecs.
  • Dutch Design & Produced in Portugal 
  • Awards – EQTM (European Quality Trademark) 
  • Tools are included for assembling the E-BD system.


Having doubts about whether your kid fits the seat, or the seat fits your bicycle? Check here the full compatibility chart resume.

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