Blue Monday

Published in: 14 March 2023

Beat the winter blues!

Blue Monday is supposedly the most depressing day of the year. Due to the cold, the lack of daylight, and the holidays that are in the past people would feel worse than usual. Therefore we offer you 10 tips to beat the winter blues.

  1. Ride your bike! Obviously, this is our #1. Especially in the winter, it is super important to get outside every day. You need fresh air, daylight and every ray of sunlight you can get. We have everything you need to make your rides as comfortable as possible.
  2. Get crafty
    Cold winter afternoons are ideal to spend quality time with your kid(s) in a creative way. We have a Pinterest board full of fun ideas!
  3. Spring is almost here!
    Ok, maybe that is not entirely true but only 9 more Mondays to go. Woohoo!
  4. Friday the 13th
    Friday the 13th is basically the same thing as Blue Monday. You either believe it or you don’t. The good news is that you already survived your first Friday the 13th of 2017. One down, one to go (in October, consider yourself warned).
  5. Book a vacation
    Nothing cheers you up like searching for possible vacation destinations. The winter will be a lot more bearable with the prospect of a wonderful and sunny vacation.
  6. Longer days
    The shortest day was 21 December. From now on the days will get longer. Before you know it, you’ll be driving home from work in the daylight.
  7. Seasonal food
    Eating a salad in December just doesn’t feel right! And this instinct is in line with Ayurvedic wisdom, which tells us that our bodies and minds feel best if we change our eating habits according to the seasons. As winter comes, our digestive fires aren’t as strong, which means slow-cooked stews, soups, and warm meals are more nourishing and grounding. In the summer and spring months, our digestive fires are stronger, and can manage raw vegetables and cool foods eaten on the go.
  8. Give a compliment
    Helping others is an excellent way to feel better. Giving a compliment is a simple and effective way to accomplish that. Also, when you smile at someone, you often get a smile back. This generates positive energy which makes you feel happier.
  9. Gratitude
    Being happy is something you can learn. Happiness is a process that needs continuous work and the basic ingredient for happiness is gratitude. When you are grateful for what you have got, you will feel happier. Start a gratitude journal in which you write at least one thing you’re grateful for each day.
  10. Embrace the winter
    Enjoy the season. Cold, dark nights allow you to light up the fireplace, burn candles, and snuggle up on the couch to watch your favorite series. When we are huffing and puffing in the first heat wave of the year in, let’s say, 6 months from now, we’ll be longing for evenings like these.