Go® Maxi Frame

Go® Maxi Frame

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Bobike GO Maxi is a safety bicycle rear seat that can be mounted on the frame of your bike and is suitable for children from approximately 2 years of age up to 6 years and has a maximum weight of 22kg. Let your kid enjoy the world safe and sound on an extra safety double-shell seat 

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  • Requires an available tube length of 105 mm, and fits round and oval seat tubes with a diameter between Ø28 – 40 mm. 


  • DOUBLE-SHELL DESIGN – Bobike Exclusive Feature – 2 sturdy shells keep your baby extra safe.
  • Expanded lateral protection.
  • Increased and integrated head protection.
  • Childproof safety 3 -points seat belt.
  • Extra security: extra belt for the frame
  • Large foot guard, preventing contact with the spokes.
  • Rear reflective decal – increases visibility in poor light conditions.
  • Meets EN14344:2022, GS MARK, TÜV, safety standards.


  • The seat can accommodate a child from 9 months up to more or less 6 years, but we advise starting first with a Mini seat before riding in a Maxi seat.
  • Adjustable footrests in 12 positions, no tools needed.  
  • Adjustable seatbelt in 3 points.  
  • Ability to place the seatbelt in 2 height positions. 
  • The childproof safety buckle is designed to enable quick, single-handed adjustments so you can always leave one hand on the bike for safety. The same for other adjustments such as feet protection – straps and height adjustment.   


  • Design Compatible with a helmet. 
  • Waterproof, comfortable, and removable cushion – easy cleaning, and replacement.  
  • Acquiring a second bracket allows you to easily exchange the bike seat between bikes. 
  • If you have a small-frame bicycle or a 29er you can ask for this spare metallic bar that will push your seat up and backwards.

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Black, Cotton Candy Pink, Lemon Sorbet, Macaron Grey, Marshmallow Mint, Peppermint, Vanilla Cup Cake




9 Months- 6 Years


Up to 110cm


Up to 22Kg

All Features

The GO Maxi for Frame Mount is a trendy bicycle safety seat in pastel colours to be assembled on the frame of your bike.  

Now people all over the world can enjoy the sleek and stylish Dutch design. The GO is our newest and very international addition to the range.  The double-shell and body-wrapping design, along with its extra lateral and head protection, makes the Go an extra safety option for countries where bicycle paths and a cycling culture are not the standards. 



  • The safety bracket features a safety holder with green indicators that will pop up providing a visual signal of correct installation.  
  • The system allows you to move the seat backwards and forward in 3 positions, according to child and bicycle size – great for a perfect adjustment. 
  • Fits round and oval seat tubes between Ø28 – 40 mm.  
  • Requires an available tube length of 105 mm and was specially designed to accommodate the brake cable preventing it from being pinched.  
  • Acquiring a second holder allows you to easily exchange the seat between bicycles. 
  • If you have a small, framed bicycle or a 29er you can ask for an extra special metallic bar, that will push your seat up and backwards from the wheel. 



  • Bobike Exclusive feature – a double-walled construction that consists of two sturdy shells: The outer shell, which is in contact with the child’s back, is slightly softer to ensure a comfortable ride. The inner shell is more sturdy and rigid and is designed to create a safe void between the two shells and therefore the child. If the seat gets impacted, it won’t touch the child. Double-Safety: double-love. 
  • Laboratory control – we double the test: To ensure your child’s safety, the seat has been rigorously tested in the Bobike Centre as well as in real-world conditions, trying to reproduce your cycling journey. We always double the international safety standards, to assure that not only the Bobike seat is safe to use, but that it’s double-safe to use! 


  • The Go has a 3-point seat belt that goes over the child’s head before it buckles into the bike seat. The shoulder straps can be adjusted at 3 different points.   


  • Footrests keep your child’s feet safe from the spokes.  To adjust, you simply lift the lever up and push or pull the tray to the correct height. 


  • Compatible with E-bike and speed pedelecs fitting up to max.25km/h only.  
  • Dutch Design – Produced in Portugal 
  • Awards – EQTM (European Quality Trademark) 
  • Awards – Design and Innovation German Award 


Having doubts about whether your kid fits the seat, or the seat fits your bicycle? Check here the full compatibility chart resume.

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